PBB turn 14

Blink remains in the open exchanging banter with Karen while waiting for something to happen, but unsure as to exactly what 'something happening' actually is.

[If this was not the intention please let me know and I might throw in a 'gimme']

Blink and Karen might be concerned here...

Sandi takes up position on the front door to the apartment, covering the those at the pick up truck .

Leila heads up stairs to do some searching, but passes Sandi who is on the way down. This causes her to hesitate half way up the stairs, unsure if she should continue up or join Sandi at the door.

[As I mentioned in the comments, the orders for Leila didn't match Sandi's, so I went half way with them instead]

Jack fires a burst at the zombies coming up behind Blink. Despite the range he manages to hit two of them, but only takes divots out of their flesh. Not waiting to see the accuracy of this shots he gets into the driver's seat of the pick up.

Karen shoots the chickens in the head, but misses the vital brain stem. Technically the chickens are dead, but they flap around a lot. She is able to pick one of the chickens up, but the other one flaps around too much.

 [I made dice rolls for this, giving a slim chance the shot would not be clean. The dice must have have a sense of humor, as it made the chickens flap around. A second set of dice rolls to catch the chickens only bagged one of them. The saying "Running around like a chicken with it's head cuts off" is actually a reality :-P ]

Robert moves past the front of the pick up to take position to better help Blink and Karen should they need some firepower.

Lucky hoists himself in to the back of the pick up and very calmly takes down two of the closest zombies.
 [Really good dice rolls here]

Niki gets in to the pick up, riding "shot gun" next to Jack.

Getting out of this one should be interesting.

The zombies really start to close in on the survivors and form hoards. Ten more zombies appear - five near the billboard, and five near the ice cream van.


Lord Siwoc said...

Oh frag....

Blink moves forward towards Karen and starts shooting zeds to give Karen some space. Still not noticing the zeds behind him.

"Another one bites the dust!"

Brummie said...

Leila seeing Sandy come past her and the increased shotting decides to follow Sandi downstair and out to the truck

The Extraordinarii said...

Jack starts up the pick up, and drives around the left side of Robert, after which he plants his foot and attempts to run over the zombies in front of him, while yelling out, "everybody shoot the left overs!"

Shelldrake said...

Just to clarify - how far past the zombies will Jack drive (if at all) once he has driven into them?

Will he go the full move allowed, or halt 5 inches from them? (zombies move 4 inches)

lrqan said...

Sandi moves to the sandstone wall to his left and opens up on the band of zombies there. "Taste lead undead!"

Vampifan said...

Sigh! Ah well, one out of two is better than none!

Those zombies closing in on the chicken pen are far too close for my liking. Karen steps out of the enclosure and backs away towards Blink. I presume that holding a dead hen in one hand means she can only fire one pistol. That being the case, she will fire twice at the zombies by the chicken pen as she moves at a walking pace.

By the way, is there any chance that those zombies will be attracted to the headless chicken in the pen, spurting blood from its neck stump? Or are they only interested in human blood?

Ulu Elsomalien said...

[Waiting for explanation about how far the pick up goes] Lucky will open fire on the nearest two zombies [the "left overs" or the group running after them], trying to not fall of the pickup during the ramming session.

Dan said...

As the truck races by Robert yells to Blink to get to the truck.

THen following in the wake of truck tries to finish of any zombies that survive getting run over.

Shelldrake said...

As every one has submitted their orders for the turn I will wait until tomorrow for an answer on the pick up truck (I so want to call it a ute) and then post the results.

I will take "plants his foot" to mean maximum movement unless told otherwise.

The Extraordinarii said...

You are so right my friend 'plants his foot' means max movement.

Brummie said...

ha I said 'Shotting' sounds like that copper in Allo Allo lol

shintokamikaze said...

im back, so i guess niki will stay in the truck,i think its time to make our escape