Zombie hunter with bow - part two

Well, Offensive Miniatures wont come to the party, stating the figure is part of a pack, and if they sell one figure from the pack, they wont be able to sell the others.

 Hmm  - they could sell their figures singularly like many other companies - they might even find they have more sales.

 If it was me, I would sell the 12 figures cheaper as a pack, with individual figures slightly higher in price.

 I don't have a use for the other 11 figures in the pack, so I wont be getting my archer figure. :-(


shintokamikaze said...

what about Miguel with a kind of bow http://www.studiominiatures.com/Shop/Survivors.html

Shelldrake said...

hmm - not sure.

What exactly is it that he is carrying?

Zombie Ad said...

Never mind, start hunting again!

Gnotta' said...

Look at the bright side, Offensive miniatures are well sculpted but terribly underscaled, especially if compared with Mantic Zombies...

Shelldrake said...

Gnotta - maybe I wanted a midget with a bow to hunt zombies? lol

Are they really that bad in size?

Hmm now I think about it, I have a pack of their swap buried deep in cupboard, so maybe i should dig them out so I can see for myself :-P