Road signs

What is something that almost every road or street in the world has? A road sign.

 I just did a bit of a 'google' and found some road sign images that I can edit, select the one I want, resize it to the size I need, print and then make a model road sign for my games.

 All you need is a thin bit of card to glue the printed sign onto, and a toothpick as the pole, and hey presto, one very easily made road sign.

 Here are some images for people to save so they can make their own signs:

Above: is the last sign on the bottom row warning of an Amish drive by?

Of course you can always save a sign design, remove the item within the sign and make your own unique types.

And with a little effort, you can make city signs, or signs showing the distance to cities such as this one I knocked together (this is my second sign... the first one I gave to a new home):


shintokamikaze said...

great idea mate,ill make some up

Zombie Ad said...

Awesome stuff. She's settling in just fine. :)

Vampifan said...

It's a great idea. I always say it's the little details that can make a gaming board come to life and this definitely qualifies.