Cargo Containers

Cargo (or shipping) containers will be playing an important part in my games - they are the perfect wall system for defending against zombie hoards.

 Not only can they be used as walls, but you can walk on the top of them and zombies can't climb up t get you.

 With enough of them you can even create  a small fortress with corridors to channel zombies into a killing zone full of nasty surprises.

I thought of buying some model railway containers, but it would be too expensive for what I want to do.

TMP had some suggestions, but I found something better that those recommendations: Paper Make It have a program that allows you to design your own containers for different scales and then print them out.

 You can choose colour, text, and images for your containers, which means you can create an endless number of containers exactly how you want them for your game.

 It cost me just under $5 AUD and I will get my moneys' worth out of it.

I purchased it from Wargamers Vault, and any one wanting to take a look at it can find it here: cargo containers

I will post photos of my containers once I make a couple.


shintokamikaze said...

try the combat storm web site,they have free downloads,cargo containers and dumpsters in various colours,i built some last year they look fine, heres the link check it out before you part with you cash lol

Zombie Ad said...

TommyGun also has some superb, and FREE, downloadable paper/card model items

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the link - many useful items there! :-D