Zombie hunter with bow

 I posted a call out for any company that makes a modern day archer figure on TMP and someone came up with the goods.

 Offensive Miniatures in the U.K. make one as part of a modern rioters pack:

 The only problem is it is only one figure in a 15 GPB pack, and while the other figures could be useful, especially for other games, I don't really needed them.

 At the moment I can't justify the cost for one figure.

 I have sent and email to Offensive Miniatures to ask if they would be kind enough to sell a single figure, but I am not hopeful.

Link to the figure: offensive miniatures


Zombie Ad said...

Saw this range in the flesh at Salute, they're great if a little on the small/slim side in comparison to other manufacturers.

Shelldrake said...

The good things about humans is that we come in all different sizes, but I still hope it isn't too small compared to other figures.