Campaign Game 1 - The First Night part 1

I started my campaign game tonight, and played a few turns.

Background story:

 "International Gun for Hire" Celina Croise and her body guard/ assistant John Walker are travelling through the boondocks on the way to an important meeting in the city.
 As luck would have it, their car breaks down right outside a farm.

 The farm is inhabited by Ned Seagun and his cousin Jack Berton.

 It was at that moment everyone noticed something was wrong - the local hicks came shambling towards them... and they looked a bit dead. "This must be related to that news story we heard on the radio just before we broke down" mused Celina.

Ned Seagun heads for the shed looking for something important he stashed there a while ago.
His cousin jack heads for the safety of the farm house.

 Always quick witted, Celina dashed for the log cabin across the road, some how sensing it is easier to defend than the farm house... besides, the zombies are closer to the farm house than the log cabin.

After a pause, John moves to the log cabin with Celina, who struggles to open the door.

Meanwhile Ned can't find the right key to get into his shed, and Jack, who has no keys to his cousins house, pounds desparately on the door.

Ned, realising that he hasn't got the right keys, dashes towards the log cabin himself, leaving Jack trying to get into the farm house.

Inside the log cabin, Celina manages to barricade the real door.

Game Talk:

Zombies: starting: 4
               Turn 2: 3
               Turn 3: 2
               Turn 4: 6
               Turn 5: 3
               Turn 6: 5

Total zombies: 28

Due to bad dice rolls I have only managed to barricade one door in the log cabin - leaving me 7 more to set to win the game.
I was able to pass two of the six Survive! Building search rolls to find: one "reason for it all" (which counts towards the campaign story) and a Safari rifle with ammo - I might need this very soon.

Not only have I had some bad dice rolls, but the initiative card deck I am using has gone the way of the zombies too - they had two turns where only they were able to move, leaving the characters standing like stunned mullets.

So far I haven't fired a shot, but that is going to change very soon, as the zombies are now starting to hoard together.

 I need to get Jack activated so I can move him to the boxes near the farm for safety. Being a good shot, he should be able to take down a lot of zombies and attract them to him instead of the house... or so the plan goes.

To be continued...

Edit: for some reason I used a different name for Celina's bodyguard that what I had written on the character sheet. I have amended the post to show the first name he was given - that of John Walker.


Zombie Ad said...

Nice start. Keep 'em coming.

shintokamikaze said...

cool, you got a game in,i hope you enjoyed it, what rules did you use? thats some nice terrain you have

Shelldrake said...

I am using "No More Room In Hell" with a modified initiative system using cards that I borrowed from "The Rules With No Name" and "Arc of Fire", as well as a slightly modified rules for groups - i.e. I have none.

It is every man or woman for themselves. I figure if someone wants to go out by themselves, then they take a big risk.

The farm I scratch built, the trees were custom made for me for use in my samurai game and the log cabin I won on ebay.

I was kicking myself when I laid my terrain out - most of it is around at my mate's place where I play - but he is away for a month and I can't get to it.

The Extraordinarii said...

good start mate, (I dont know about those unpaited minis...tsk tsk )keep the turns coming, they have a lot of zombies too keep out !

shintokamikaze said...

can you play no more room in hell solo? like atz

Shelldrake said...

Yep - I am playing it solo. In "NMRIH" the zombies are controlled by the rules, so it is possible.

Having said that, I am going to write up some more detailed guidelines for the zombies to give a bit more depth to tactics for the survivors.

shintokamikaze said...

cool, i will order a copy