counters and figures

Today's mail brought a few goodies for me:

 I placed an order with EM4 in the UK for some counters:

 They are nice and cheap - each pack contains 50 counters. I will be using the red ones as my initial setup for the dice grave, and the black ones for additional ones per turn for when ever a shot is fired or a loud noise attracts more zombies.
 I chose counters as it would cost a lot more to get a whole bunch of d10 to use for a dice grave.  I doubt I would ever need to use them all for one game, and I would hate to imagine the situation in a game that required 150 zombies!

I also had some figures arrive:

some biker types to use as survivors... either as characters or anti social survivor types that want to kill the characters and take what goodies they have scavenged. They were also purchased from EM4:

And from Copplestone Castings some kids on skate boards. When I saw these figures on the web site I really wanted them - I think I will use them as a survivor gang in competition against the characters... kind of a hell on wheels. Typical teenagers from life as we know it  :-P   (why doesn't blogger have emoticons!!???)

 The skateboarders come with separate skateboards, which would give them flexibility for anyone wanting to use the figures for something else. I see it as a plus, as it means I can try and paint some 'rad' skateboards, but  considering my painting skills, I may let my hopes down in this regards. 

 The skateboarders might be fun to play as part of the character group of survivors too... I can stage some 'ride-bys' and grind some hand rails or park benches as they pour lead into a hoard of zombies.

 I apologise for the poor photographs - it is dark outside and the camera i have isn't that great to take indoor photos.

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Take your time and find some online images of boards that will translate well, i.e. the pictures/text are quite large. I'm sure you'll be fine.