Zombie deer?

I was just reading my 'breakfast news' on the TGN site and saw a new release from Darkson designs.

Darkson designs are calling it a 'wendigo' but having played Call of Cthulhu for many years, it doesn't fit my image of what a wendigo should look like.

 Instead, it looks more like a zombie deer.

 This would make one awesome 'boss zombie' and could even be the cause of how the virus was spread. Who needs a biting monkey to spread the virus when a rabid deer looks nastier?

The figure costs $15.99 (seriously guys - just sell it for $16 and get it done with*) and I couldn't see how much postage was as I had to sign up with my details to get that information.

Maelstom games in the UK will be selling it for 9 pounds, so I will probably get one from them as they offer free postage and have discount specials all the time.

I am tempted, and it would make for a funny zombie boss.

* in Australia all prices are rounded  to the nearest whole number in shops - thus anything advertised at 95 or 99 cents cost the whole dollar. Shops always  put the cheaper price on the label so people think it is cheaper. After all, $15.95 sounds cheaper than $16.


Zombie Ad said...

That's a cool model. Didn't know about the Australian price thing. Thanks for the tip.

Shelldrake said...

It is mainly supermarkets that do the rounding - most other places wont round off if it is the 5 cent point, only if it is 99 cents.

Most shops still only charge the 95 cents.

This is because they took the 1 and 2 cent coins away from us many years ago, but they still price things as if we had them.

shintokamikaze said...

great mini,i think living anamals like bears and wolves would be a good idea

shintokamikaze said...

is that not breaking the law,under the trades discription act you have to sell for what yor advertised for

Shelldrake said...

Shinto - yep, you would think that wouldn't you. It has something to do with the removal of 1 and 2 cent coins. The government has tied it up nicely...