Types of Zombies

Watching zombie movies is fun, but not all of them have the same kind of zombies.  Some of them are comical and others are just plain scary.

 I prefer the shambling slow types of zombies - there are plenty of them, but you can run provided you have good aerobic capacity and somewhere safe to run to... generally speaking.

 But, as a nice twist to the game I am thinking of various types, which could mean more than one reason for the zombie apocalypse.

"No More Room In Hell" has a few zombie types, and "Ambush Z"  has more (I forgot I have a copy of "Ambush Z" until I started typing this!), but I am thinking of adding some of my own.

One such idea is:

 Ghouls: 1 in 100 humans when infected are not turned into full undead zombies. Rather these rare people don't suffer the same fate as normal zombies - they just mutate in to a 'living' version of a zombie. They move faster, have limited intelligence and can use basic weapons (not firearms, but clubs etc) - rather like the nasties from 'I am legend'.

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Zombie Ad said...

I think variety is great. The 'On The Edge Of Darkness' podcast drama had an interesting idea about fast and slow zombies. Fast zombies are pre-rigor zombies (or the infected) and slow zombies are zombies after rigor has passed. Worked for me.