Jack Berton

I have this particular RAFM figure that I am using for my Jack Berton character:

The painted example of the figure from the RAFM web site.

 The figure I have has been named "Jack Berton" after a) the character Jack Burton from one of my all time favorite films "Big Trouble In Little China", and b) because the figure from RAFM is a "not Jack Burton" figure.

I whipped Jack off his pile of crates this morning where he was facing an uncertain future to paint him up.

I doubt I will be able to paint up the singlet as per the film character's singlet, but I will have a good go at the rest of the figure.

Once I have painted the figure up I will post photos and his game stats

Those wanting their own figure can find it here: RAFM

Hopefully a painted Jack will change his fortunes around.

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Zombie Ad said...

That's a superb paint job, well done. Great figure too. "Everybody relax, I'm here!" :)