Campaign Game 1 - The First Night part 3

Despite all the zombies surrounding him, Jack regains a bit of colour.

A bit blurry, but a photo of Jack back in place once painted

Both John Walker and Celina Croise search the last areas of the cabin and come up trumps: John finds two lots of food supplies, and Celina finds two fuel cans.

Jack fires into the zombies killing two of them.

Behind the cabin, one of the zombies starts to pound on the back door, while other zombies else where shamble towards their chosen targets.

 Celina gets into business mode and delivers head shots to four zombies near the cabin, averting the immediate threat they posed.

 Jack, while in a bad situation, is rather calm and composed knowing the dead can not climb up to get him. Taking advantage of the situation he fires killing another zombie.

All the shots fired are starting to attract a bit of unwanted attention.

 Figuring he is in for a penny in for a pound Jack shoots another zombie. At least it is one less to eat him.

 All the shots fired previously by Celina are starting to attract a bit of attention as well:

 Years of weapon handling experience allows Celina to take out all but one zombie nearing the cabin door.

 Jack starts to get his mojo working and 'slots' another two zombies.

 The gun fire has attracted the largest number of zombies so far - 12 turn up in two different areas near the back of the farm house.
 This is fortunate for those in the cabin, but not so rosy for Jack.

Celina goes a bit lighter on the trigger and only fires enough rounds to kill the zombie at the door. The rear of the cabin is now out of immediate danger.

As I have technically won the scenario I decide to end the game here. I had to either get the survivors into the car behind the farm shed and off the table, or secure the cabin, which I did.

 According the the NMRIH rule book, the next scenario I need to roll on a chart to determine what the next scenario is.
 Rather than do this, I intend to play the "Save the..." mission and have Celina and Co. rescue Jack from the boxes.

 I was lucky with one of the finds in the cabin - I found a tunnel, and a scatter dice I rolled to see it's direction took it to the shed at the farm, and it was within the allowable range for the tunnel. This was purely random and unintentional.

 With this in mind, I intend to start a new game with the zombies in place around Jack and the others coming out of the shed.

Game Talk:
                 I used my initiative card system for this game and it worked well. The 'shot callers' usually had at least one or two actions per turn, and the lesser beings not so many actions which, I feel, reflects their lack of training for such situations. If you can train for the zombie apocalypse that is.

 For zombie spawning I only started using the method described here for the turns on this page. It worked well, and to compensate for the fact zombies wont appear all over the table they do appear in small hoards, which is to their benefit when it comes to barricades as well as making them a bit nastier.

 As it happened, all but one group of zombies spawned near Jack and not near the cabin. This would have allowed those in the cabin to flee the table, but it would have meant not winning the scenario.

 Despite it being hard to kill zombies in the game (well, based on the dice rolls I was having) with thoughtful placing of scenery you can survive a lot of zombies on the table provided you can keep the zombies out of hands melee.

You do need a lot of zombies to play NMRIH, but that should be the same for any zombie game worth its salt.

 What I do need is some unarmed 'sheeple' for the game. At the moment I have two sheeple I found in the cabin, so I need to come up with some figures for them.  I think I have a paper boy from the Pulp Figures range somewhere that I can use for the kid I found, and I hope I have a figure for the woman that was hiding in the cupboard.

 The fuel and the safari rifle I found will be very handy for the next scenario.


shintokamikaze said...

great stuff,i hope jack get out of their in the next game

Lord Siwoc said...

Jack beter run like hell!!!

You just got yourself a follower!

Good stuff

Zombie Ad said...

Nice one. Cool little tale about the tunnel - that worked out great!