Campaign Game 1 - The First Night part 2

John Walker attempts to barricade the front door and does so with blinding success.

 Inspired by John's actions, Ned tries the same thing to a rear window and gets no where.

Celina and John barricade two more windows, making up for Ned's panicked state.

Over at the farm, Jack Berton sensing things will go bad for him is he stays where he is makes a tactical move towards the stacked boxes, making sure to keep the wall between him and any zombies close at hand.

Collecting himself, Ned barricades a window, and John works on another window while Celina keeps watch.

 Checking that he coast is clear, Jack scrambles up on to the boxes out of harms way. He might now be safe from clawing hands and snapping jaws, but the action has attracted a lot of zombies to his plight.

Jack fires an undisciplined burst from his smg into a group of zombies and fails to do anything except attract more zombies. Plus he has to reload his smg due to wasting precious ammunition.

Celina barricades the second last window

John fixes up the last window, securing the building from the outside, but they still need to clear inside in order to be safe.

 Searching inside Celina finds a supply of food - enough for one person for two days, or two people for one day.

 Ned fires out the window at a zombie getting close to the cabin, but to no evail.

 As Celina and John continue to search, finding a woman hiding in the closet in one of the rooms.

 Ned shoots at the zombie again, but his bullet thuds harmlessly into the zombie.

Continuing to search the cabin for supplies, a young child is found hiding in a bed room. Thinking the room clear, a legless zombie crawls out from under the bed and attacks Ned.

 Fortunately Ned's bad day doesn't get any worse - the zombie grabs at him but doesn't cause a wound.

 Using his SMG as a club, Ned caves the zombie's head in, ending it's animated life once and for all.

 John uncovers a secret tunnel in one of the rooms. The direction heads towards the shed at the farm, but at this stage they choose not to use the tunnel. Maybe later when things calm down a bit.

Jack fires more shots in to the mass of zombies collecting at the foot of his crate tower, but it really isn't his day when it comes to knocking a few off.

Things are looking a bit bleak for our survivors as more zombies close in for a feed. Things aren't too bad at the cabin - a zombie is knocking at the back door, but a it is unable to get in.

 The few shots taken at that zombie have attracted a few friends, so the barricade will soon be put to the test.

 As for Jack, well he is getting a bit nervous.

Game Talk:

 I had a few turns where the turn ended due to the luck of the draw on the cards. All this did was add more zombies to the mass gathering.

My dice seem to like rolling high when I least need it. Out of all the zombies on the table I have only killed one. It was a good one to kill, as it posed a huge threat to the survivors in the cabin, but I would have liked to kill a lot more off.

             Turn 7: 6
             Turn 8: 1
             Turn 9: 3
             Turn 10: 3
             Turn 11: 2
             Turn 12: 8 +1

Total Zombies: 52 -1 = 51

Oh how words can come back to bite - I mentioned I shouldn't need more than 60 zombies for my games. I had better start getting some good dice rolls so I can recycle my zombie figures or buy another 30 zombies!

To win/end the scenario I only need to search two more Survive! Locations to ensure the cabin is secure, but it will leave the survivors in an interesting situation.

 I might play the game out to see if I can rescue Jack and get every one into a car and out of the area.

to be continued...


Zombie Ad said...

Awesome part 2 - "JAAAAAACK!!!" Things are not loking good for him!

Vampifan said...

A tense situation. Never understimate the need for more zombies. You can never have enough of them!
By the way, nice scenery. I particularly like your log cabin.

The Extraordinarii said...

Nice write up Shelldrake, soo many zombies, this feels alot like the 'Zombies' board game.

shintokamikaze said...

nice,poor old jack better get a move on