Mantic Games zombies

I made up the first of my two boxes of Mantic Zombies today, and I hope to finish the second box during the following days, time permitting.

There are 10 zombie sprues in the box and 30 square bases:

 Overall  I am happy with the zombies, but a bit of variety would have been great. Each zombie sprue came with 6 heads, and as you can only make 3 zombies per sprue, that is ok.

 There are 3 torsos per sprue, one with two arms and two with one arm each. You get 3 single arms - two of which are holding things - one has an arm, and the other a zombie head.

 It would have been nicer to have the hands empty and both arms free of the torso to enable greater flexibility in poses, but that isn't a major problem for me, as I want a hoard, and I couldn't get 60 metal zombies for the price of these two boxes.

I made a bit of a boo-boo with my first zombie. The part of the sprue that joins the zombie to the frame is thicker than I am used to and I applied too much pressure and the following happened:

"Bugger" I thought to myself - but fortunately I was able to glue it back together and once it is painted it should be hard to tell which one it was I broke.

 I soon worked out what I was doing when making them and was able to get a bit of a production line up and running - and between cooking lunch (okonomiyaki - oishii desu!) and doing a few other things that needed being done, I was able to get the 30 made up in about 90 mins.

For 60 zombies these will do the job nicely and my survivors will be making head shots or being eaten in next to no time.

Now to find the time to paint them.... I am a very slow painter....


shintokamikaze said...

you can bash them with mantic ghouls for more variety.If you want a fast way to paint them useing GW paint, this,under coat chaos black,very heavy dry brush of tallarn flesh,dry drush camo green or catachan green for a bit of variety this will give a darker all most burnt look,then add blood with scab red, do the cloth diffrent colours white blues greys work well but avoid greens,add cloth highlights if you want i dont bother, do the eyes white or scorpion green if you like, last is a heavy wash of badab black. This if a very fast way to batch paint if you want ok looking minis

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the tips - especially the one on avoiding green, as I dare share I would have tried that.

I have some GW paints, including rotting flesh and the catachan green, so I will give it a go.

shintokamikaze said...

i forgot to say, when you do the flesh and green dry brushes, cover the whole model and, paint the cloth over it,this way you only have to pick out the cloth detail, this speeds things up a lot

Zombie Ad said...

Cool. With shintokamikaze...perhaps a mix of base coat (sprayed?) dry-brushing, some flat colours with badab/devlan, mix or both. Army painter could work too.