Zombie rule systems

I have three sets of zombie wargame rules: All Things Zombie (ATZ), Ambush Z and No More Room In Hell (NMRIH).

 The first two I like for the way zombies are controlled, but dislike the actual game mechanics.

 I like the general game mechanics of No More Room In Hell, but don't really like the way they handle the zombies, as well as a few niggly points here and there, in particular the complete lack of rules for nighttime encounters, despite mentioning flares, and the fact you can sneak, and this really only effects shooting.

I also dislike the initiative system in all three games, so I have created my own based on a card system as found in 'The Rules With No Name" and "Arc of Fire".

 So, what I intend to do over a few posts is "publish" my house rules for NMRIH.

I intend to cover: initiative, zombie deployment, encounter charts, and if time permits (i.e. I get around to doing it), Quick Reference sheets.


Zombie Ad said...

The 'Rules With No Name' are probably my all time favourite initiative rule-set - they'll create a superbly tense feel to a zombie game. Great idea!

Shelldrake said...

I love the 'Rules with no name" - most of my wargaming last year was wild west and we had a lot of fun with the campaign and the tension with the cards really made the game enjoyable, and even saw fits of laughter at the situations some of the characters were faced with.