My first building design

I have been playing around with the Model Building Program - and it is very easy to use and a lot of fun to make things.

I still have a lot to learn to perfect my buildings, but I am getting there.

 When I downloaded an upgrade for the program today I was delighted to learn I can now add my own images to the buildings. 

 Basically I can include ANYTHING from a photo in my designs, or something I have 'ginned up' my self.

This is part of my first attempt, and the more I use the program the more I can improve on the design:

The program is for designing buildings, but there should be no reason I can't design roads and foot paths as well.


shintokamikaze said...

thats great,no limit to the fun you can have with it

Zombie Ad said...

awesome news that you can add whatever you like. That'll make it much more flexible!