Mantic Zombies

My mantic games zombies turned up in the mail yesterday and I am very happy with them.

I will put up some photos and a review over the next day or so.

 It is the Queen's Birthday long weekend here in Australia (unless you are in W.A.) so I will have a nice relaxing couple of days putting them together.

 Today was a loss though - one day of my long weekend taken up firing a 21 Gun Salute for her Majesty, but that is ok, as I was paid for it, which means more $ for my hobbies.


shintokamikaze said...

yeh, mantic zeds are sweet,nice and fast to paint. and we had the queen in eire a few weeks ago, the first time we had the british monarch in the history of the republic, she is a busy lady, and full of energy for a 85 year old

Zombie Ad said...

Hobby money for shooting stuff...sounds fair!