No More Room In Hell House Rules: Characters and campaign play

One thing I am a little disappointed with in "NMRIH" is the fact the character development with campaign play is a bit limited: you can only really purchase new gear between games, and you can increase your stats with a slim chance of a dice roll.

 This doesn't really phase me that much.  It is the fact that you can't buy any new skills that I am disappointed with. That is if I am reading the rules correctly.

 To me experience means new skills. The longer you do something, the better your skills become. The longer you survive the zombie hoards, the better you get at taking them down and, well, surviving.

This simple house rule allows for characters to spend points earned during the game on new skills.

 Only characters that participated in a scenario can improve their skills - those that stayed at the safe base to protect your stash of food and fuel can not improve their skills in any way.

 Each survivor may only purchase one skill between missions, and Sheeple can only buy skills that cost 5 or 10 points, Back Ups can buy skills that cost 20 or less points, and Shot Callers can buy any skills.

Also, you might have a Sheeple that has survived countless missions. For some reason this survivor just keeps on surviving. Surviving for so long that he or she really shouldn't be thought of as a Sheeple anymore.

So what to do? Spend valuable points to upgrade your character!

By spending 150 points you can upgrade a Sheeple to a Back Up, and for 300 points you can upgrade a Back Up to a Shot Caller.

Players must still use the "Score of a Life Time" chart to increase Guns, Fists and Guts as per the standard rules, but they do gain the extra Survive! point that comes with rising in rank/standing.

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Sounds like a reasonable house rule to use.