Model car advice needed!

I want to buy a 1:43 car and turn it into this situation:

 How easy is it to smash the front of a 1:43 car to make it look like it went into a pole?

 I don't want to do it to a Ferrari, and I don't want to practice on the three cars I have (as I need them as they are... I don't have enough spares to destroy one yet).

 Is it easy to do? or am i better off to save my money and keep the car in it's initial contidion?

 If it is easy to do, what is the best method? Put it in a vice nose up and smack the back of a meat cleaver into  it?


shintokamikaze said...

take the car apart,and work on the metal body, hack saw the front middle and bend it in with pliers,but first make sure you can fit it back together

shintokamikaze said... a car with a flip up hood

Zombie Ad said...

I've not done it but I think you could do ok with with a 1/43 die cast, but you'd want to take it apart and bent, cut and twist the bits you want to slowly and carefully. Needle nosed pliers and a hack-saw would be my tools of choice. The flip top bonnet is a great idea too!

Tbone said...

You could also use 2 part epoxy resin to creat more of an illusion effect. So cut the pole so that the top is coming out of the hood area and the bottom below the car. Then build your car damage around the top part of the pole (remove the bumper and other parts and replace with twisted epoxy version). You could probably make a convincing effect that the car could fit into, along the same principal as the arrow through the head gag you can get at costume shops.

Shelldrake said...

Tbone - sounds like a great idea, but you assume I actually have some modelling skills with that one.

I am capable of simple things, but when it comes to what you described I have a trail of failed attempts at failed projects in my wake :-P

I can't even use modelling drills to fix arms and legs to miniatures with pins.

Great idea though, and I can see how it would work - thank you for the suggestion.