Useful things

This post is about useful items for a zombie game to help with scenery.

From Black Cat Bases:

Ammo boxes (great for game objective markers or just to have scattered around):

Car wheels (they have other types too):


Gas Bottles (they make large, medium and small - the small one is shown):

 [I am coming up with some rules for shooting gas bottles for my games... hopefully I will post my ideas in the very near future]

Fire Extinguishers:

There are many things to choose from, and as I can't list them all, check out their web site: Black Cat Bases

(they also make pallets, but I honestly think making my own will be much much cheaper)

Fenris Games (an ebay store) as a large number of useful things too - traffic cones, nuclear waste barrels, flower pots, and small gas bottles (cheaper than Black Cat Bases) to name a few: Fenris Games

Mega Minis also have a great variety of street scenery, but is selling off his stock to focus on other things. I am not sure how soon he will run out of stock, but I would get in while he still has them:  Mega Miniatures

I have purchased many items from all three stores listed and they are great to deal from and have many useful things.


shintokamikaze said...

nice, but you can all ways make all the things your self, for me this is half the fun of the hobby

Shelldrake said...

I agree - making things is half the fun, but some things are harder to make than others.

Zombie Ad said...

The bike and fire extinguishers are fantastic. You can never have too much 'stuff'.