paint ball guns?

Ok - I am throwing out a challenge to readers of this blog:

How can I use paint ball guns as an effective weapon against zombies?

Ebob Miniatures makes paintballers and if I can figure out a cool way to include them in a game AND make them useful against zombies I might just get some.

 The paintballs are made from gelatin capsules - so the payload can't really be anything useful.  I had thought of flammable liquid inside the capsules - fire a whole heap into a group of zombies and then set them on fire with a flare or a Molotov cocktail.

 I can't see the paint being useful to blind the zombies, so something else will have to be used.

So - the challenge - who has a great way to make this idea work?


shintokamikaze said...

watching diary of the dead the other day(bad movie) i noticed the acid on a zombies head scene, acid filled glass paint balls might work lol

The Extraordinarii said...

I think the reason you have to have a license to own one is that you can fire metal ball bearings from them, with the use of more compressed gas, these can easily be convert to a makeshift gas operated gun of sorts, I think you would have to just include some houserules to this effect, I think its quite 'do able'....think mad max and no country for old men, both movies had makeshift gas operated ball bearing weapons.
another good idea Shelldrake.

Zombie Ad said...

Awesome minis, not sure how effective they'd be, unlessjust as a distraction - think Monster Island.

Baconfat said...

I would imagine flame reproducing reactive chemicals.

Coat the ball with a substance that reacts with the substance in the ball.

Molotav cocktails in WW2 were not really wine bottles of fuel with a flaming wick, that's a myth.

I don't remember the actual liquid used in the bottle, but it reacted violently with the chemical that had been allowed to dry into the label. when the bottle broke, it all reacted and combusted.

Hopefully the much smaller versions in the refilled paint bottles would burn long enough to inflict damage to the zeds.