Electronic Road signs part 2

I have just made some road signs for printing out.

 Each road sign is 4cm wide by 3 cm high.

So far I have the following signs:

If anyone has some other ideas for road signs I would be happy to hear them.

I also have the signs in a PDF for printing - if I can find a good file hosting site for a PDF I will provide a link for anyone wanting to download them.

In the mean time, I am happy to email them to anyone asking for a copy.

EDIT: those using the PDF I made please note: the sizes are not 4 cm by 3 cm.... in the process of making a PDF the images seen to have shrunk a little, so please measure them when making signs using the PDF.


War Minister Crittumbo said...

This is wonderful!

shintokamikaze said...

sweet job,you could make sign frames with a plastic covers, so you could change the sign, just slip them in like a wallet.Could you please mail them to me, ill try to knock up some frames

Shelldrake said...

I will send you an email asap - once you let me know what your email is ;-)

Zombie Ad said...

Very cool indeed. Excited to see the finished items too.

Zombie Ad said...

These will look awesome in frames. I'm 'borrowing' his idea if that's ok, thank you.

Shelldrake said...

More than happy for others to borrow the idea - which is why I am posting my ideas. I look forward to seeing others making the signs.

Shelldrake said...

Shinto - email sent.

shintokamikaze said...

nice one, thanks

shintokamikaze said...

how about doing,
looters will be shot.
military check point ahead.
no gas next 300 km.