Plastic zombies?

I am seriously contemplating getting a couple of packs of the Mantic Games plastic zombies. Each pack allows the buyer to make 30 zombies - but I think this includes the leg less ones (which is ok by me) and the ones without a torso (not so ok by me).

A Comment on the product page of the zombies on the Mantic games web site say "As an added bonus it lookss likein stead of 30 zombies, there are infact enough parts to make 40 from each set - false advertising at its best!"

If this is the case, them 60 - 80 zombies should be enough for my game... I hope.

 On some forums people have "complained" that the zombies are wearing tattered rags for clothing, thus making them useless for modern zombie games, but I don't see a problem with it - these zombies could be ones that have been rotting in graves six feet under, or they have been catching their clothes on sharp objects as they shamble around.

I can always flesh out these zombies with more modern ones to add a bit of character.

Edit - I have ordered two packs from Wayland Games in the UK, so given a few weeks, my zombie hoards should start to rise in number.


shintokamikaze said...

yep,i have a lot of mantic zombies,they are cool,and the rags make them look like they had their clothes riped off in an attack,or they came from a morgue.I only have one problem with them,the poses are very limited.Have you tried wargames factory zombies??

Shelldrake said...

I thought about the wargames factory ones, but a few reviews put me off, plus the 'antics' going on with that company didn't help any.

shintokamikaze said...

Hey,check out my new zed blog,i only have one post,cos i only started today,but ill have more stuff up soon,plus im new to this stuff,and im a little lost with the design

shintokamikaze said...

heres the link to said blog