Diecast cars

I have been browsing through ebay looking at the 1/43 scale diecast vehicles for use in the game.

 I think I should have a couple of vehicles before I start designing roads for the gaming area - that way I wont make them too small or too big, and thus save myself a bit of time and grief.

 As I was looking at a pick up truck that I want to use as part of a scenario (more on that below) I noticed that the one I was looking at was only 1 of 1,000 made. I chuckled to myself wondering what collectors would think if they knew what a 'collectors item' was being used for instead of keeping it in it's box in a pristine condition.

As for the scenario - a pick up truck (or similar) is placed in a central position on the gaming area and a minimum number of items must be placed in the back before the pick up can be driven off to safety.

 Basically it is a scrounging scenario, where a minimum of supplies are needed - say two ammo, two food, a first aid kit and so on per survivor figure before the conditions are me and the truck can be driven to the stronghold.

 If all buildings are searched and not enough goodies have been collected, then the truck may be driven off.

 Of course you have to contend with zombies and other survivors trying to keep you away from the goodies you find, making a guard important... but where do you put the guard so that they wont be eaten by zombies?

 Hmm - I might have to make a bill board that can be climbed. Park the pick up at the base of the bill board and keep the hoards at bay.    


shintokamikaze said...

i was thinking something like that my self, check out my new hummer on my page

Shelldrake said...

Done - nice work!

Zombie Ad said...

1/43 cars are they way I chose to go for 28mm gaming, they might not be 'perfect' scale but they look right, which is what matters.

Scenario sounds good by the way.