Power to survive the zombie apocalypse

As part of some scenery for my game, I want to make some solar panels.

 The panels, and items needed for its up keep, can be the objective of a scenario or two, but once in place they can provide the survivors with some power for making life a bit easier... until they are forced from their stronghold that it.

So, I will print out some solar panel images and glue them on to card and create a bank of them - either glued on to the roof of a building, or on frames.

 I have included them here for anyone wanting to use the idea to make their own - just rescale them to the size you need, print them out and use them how you see fit:

And here are some photos of how they could be used:

I hope someone finds this idea useful.

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Zombie Ad said...

Great idea! Could be counted as a 'Luxury' item in ATZ and a custom find in NMRIH