Iron Ivan Games "No More Room in Hell" rules

My Iron Ivan Games rule book arrived a few weeks back - just in time for me to have a quick read before I had to go away for a bit of time with my second job.

 I have given the rules a read over a few times and I like them.

 The rules allow for campaign play and has several types of zombies that can be used in the game, including "Crawlers: which are zombies with out legs... perfect for the Mantic Games plastic zombie figure pack.

 Killing zombies is a lot harder than killing non zombies in the game - i will definitely have at least one sword carrying character in my survivor group, if not two or more.  Chainsaws are marginally better than a sword, but the sword doesn't run out of fuel.

The 'Zombie Hunter' survivor skill is also a must, as this makes it so much easier to kill a zombie, doubling your chances in most cases.

Also, I will be borrowing a rule or two for zombies from "All things Zombies": in "No More Room in Hell" all zombies not in melee move towards the closest human, regardless of if they are hidden. I will be using the "ATZ" rule that any zombie further than 12" from a human will move towards the closest gun fire, or continue to move in the direction they were already heading in.

I also want to use a card system for initiative - a deck of cards containing one card per survivor, a zombie card (all zombies move on this card) and a few others, such as blank cards (so you can't card count), event cards, and maybe a "turn ends" card to add suspense to the game if your survivor didn't get to move during the turn and the zombies are drawn first next turn.

I dare say I will come up with a few other house rules, and will post comments when I think of them.


shintokamikaze said...

sounds like a solid rule set, have you tried please stand by, i have it on the way from the USA

Shelldrake said...

I own a few of the Iron Ivan Game rules - the WW1 set and the Pulp set.

All the mechanics are the same for these games, so learning one allows you to know the main rules for the others.

About the only thing I will be changing with the rules is the initiative rules... but that is only because I have played so many games using a card activation system that I prefer this method.

I also get my Iron Ivan rules from Maelstrom Games in the UK - cheaper with free postage.