Trailer park building part 1

I tried my hand at making a prototype trailer this morning - I am not too happy with the results.

 I am using corrugated card, and it is a bit to flimsy to work with. I might go back to using other base materials and use the corrugated card for the roof only.

I might cut down on the length of the trailer too - at this stage it is 17cm long... I might reduce it to around 14 cm, and make the door a bit smaller.  I went with a larger door in my prototype based on how big they looked in the photos, but I think it is too big.

All the doors and windows will have card behind them and frames over them on the out side to cover up the cut marks when making them... but if I go to another method of making the trailers, then I will only need to put frames over the windows and doors instead of cutting them out.

 The walls definitely need to be thicker to allow for gluing and for added stability.


shintokamikaze said...

you should use foam core/board for the basic shape, and cover it with the card later, use clear plastic for the windows, you could all so add mdf bases to add strenth

Shelldrake said...

Yep - that is how I have been making all of my buildings to date, but I wanted to try something different this time round... but I should have stuck to what I already know.