Fire arms and Zombie Grave Yard

When ever a firearm is fired in "No More Room In Hell" a d10 is added to the "Dice Grave" which is then rolled at the start of the next turn for zombie reinforcements. (p.35 of the rule book)

 This means that once the shooting starts it is more likely that you will be surrounded by a zombie hoard sooner than later.

 Bows and Ninja stars have the "quite" rule, which means when used they don't add to the "Dice Grave".

 Browsing over the Hasslefree Miniatures site, I noticed a lot of figures with suppressed weapons, which had flicking through the rule book to see if there was a rule on suppressors on firearms. There isn't, at least, not that I could find.

So, I figure any weapon fitted with a suppressors are counted as "Quite" according the rule on P.11 and P.35.

 To prevent every character from having suppressed weapons, I would also impose the rule that a) only figures with weapons that have suppressors on them gain this rule, and b) a suppressor counts as special equipment and costs 20 POINTS.


shintokamikaze said...

sounds good,what about silencer pistols??

shintokamikaze said...

duh,i get it now suppressors are silencers lol

Shelldrake said...

Yep ;-)

I have a military back ground, so I tend to use military terms more.

A suppressor is the correct term for a silencer; silencer is a common term thanks to movies.

Mind you, know one has given me a good answer as to how one works on a revolver - considering that a revolver doesn't have an enclosed chamber like an automatic, smg or rifle etc. - meaning (according to my way of thinking) that the noise is released as soon as you fire a revolver and doesn't make it to the suppressor.

I am happy to be corrected on this thinking though.

shintokamikaze said...

i saw a doc on descovery channel a while back, it said their is only one type of hand gun that can use a suppressor, so the movies are rubbish lol

Zombie Ad said...

Could work in principle. Although it might make the characters with suppressed weapons a little too likely to go unnoticed? How about a 50/50 rule, each 2 suppressed shots adds a dice to the dice grave?

Shelldrake said...

I will give it a bit of a play test to see how it goes.

Suppressors also have a limited life, so I could also introduce the same rule in regards to ammunition - i.e. they can run out during a game. This would mean they need a new suppressor for the next game, which means spending valuable points.