Zombie Survivors - Japanese Exchange Students Kameko and Kamiko

I have wanted an excuse to get a couple of the Eureka Miniatures 'Kung Fu School Girls', and I think a zombie game is the perfect place for them.

I will make them twins - exchange students from Japan when the world went bad.  One will have a sword (great in melee) and the other will have a pistol (for when the sword in out of range).

 Some kind of special rule will be made up for them - something along the line of they can not be separated, as well as a bonus to make up for the fact they have to stay together.

Kameko and Kamiko 
(two different spellings of the same name... ideal for twins)


shintokamikaze said...

i think this mini would work well http://www.hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/pack.php?pack=878

Shelldrake said...

I agree totally - I was looking at that figure yesterday myself... using the "suzi" with the MAC10 plus a modern firearm instead of the one she is carrying would work a lot better towards making them twins.

There is also a zombie version, which would be good if they turned zombie, but as they are Japanese I have no intention of letting that happen... my Mrs would be upset... being Japanese and all.