Soon to be survivors?

 About a month ago I ordered some Hasslefree Miniatures to add to my group of survivors.

 These are the figures I have ordered:
I have yet to name this figure or develop a character for him, but I thought it looked mean and nasty enough to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The two school girls are what I finally decided to use for Kameko and Kamiko. Being the same figure with different weapons will make them work better as twins.

I shouldn't have watched "School for Scoundrels" the other day as now I am going to name this character "Lesher" after the character from that film.

A 'not snake plisskin' figure. I have yet to come up with a name and background for this character, but it wont be far away.

 "Escape from New York" is another one of my favorite films, and another one starting Kurt Russel.  I wonder how many other Kurt Russel's character look alike figures there are out there? It would be fun to have a whole heap of them in the one game.

On a side note, I was just collecting information from the IMDB site and a fan made a short Snake Plisskin movie in 2010, although using a different actor.

 This one is called "Escape from New Jersey" - having accidentally seen about 10 mins of "Jersey Shore" a few weeks ago, I can completely understand why you would want to escape from New Jersey. I just hope Snake 'capped' a few of them on the way out.

Anyway, back to the figures....

 At this stage they haven't shown up, but that is most likely because the order was caught up in the Hasslefree "Do-over" that started before I placed my order. This is being check out by the Hasslefree crew at the moment.


shintokamikaze said...

i all so love the escape movies, the snake fig is great,i want to get him for my collection. why are you waiting a month for your order???

Shelldrake said...

Hasslefree closed it's online store for a month (well, longer, as it is still closed) while it went through some upgrades.

During this time they were not selling online - only supplying shops.

I somehow managed to place an order before the web store was closed, but after the event was started.

I think I slipped through the cracks on this one... I am waiting for a reply to a message that I hope to get this weekend.

shintokamikaze said...

thats to bad,im sure they will ship it soon,i orderd from them before,they have a great service