Lace War Zombie Apocalypse?

As mentioned in a previous post (about the Napoleon Zombie figure) I was contemplating a zombie game set in different eras.

 The horse and musket period is one of my favorite historical periods... in fact it was the first period I ever played as a wargamer.

 After a bit of thinking I decided it might be more fun using Seven Years War figures instead of Napoleonic figures, especially as I can get mounted and dismounted cavalry figures; something that isn't that common with Napoleonic figures.

 With this in mind I painted up a Hussar figure I had purchased from Eureka Miniatures a while ago as a sample.

 To play a game I would have to make a few changes - such as not having so many zombies to swarm on the table, as well as come up with a different reason for zombies to be around - after all the modern science we have today wasn't around in the 18th Century.

 I am thinking that the occult might be a better way to create the zombies for this game, and only a set number are created per game. The bites of zombies would be less likely to turn characters as they were raised from the buried dead due to dark arts and not some kind of virus.

 While not high on my list of things to do, I will keep working on the idea and see where it goes.


Brummie said...

Sounds like a fun idea. Yes would take some play testing. I quite like the ww2/Victorian type era.

Armed Bobbies, Sherlock holmes vs Zombies/cultists


Shelldrake said...

VSF would be a fun setting for zombies - thick pea soup fog in the back lanes of London, and it wouldn't be too hard to come up with a reason for the zombies thanks to a mad scientist.

Great idea :-D

Zombie Ad said...

No there's a mash-up! :)

Vampifan said...

An interesting concept. I'd like to see how this develops.

Lord Siwoc said...

From Africa there came a witchdoctor.... Thus voodoo... Thus zombies! FIGHT!!!