My first Bus

I found a bus up for sale on Ebay in the UK, and thanks to some advice from Zombie Ad I decided to take a risk at not knowing how it would size up with every thing else and buy it.

 I think the bus is 1:50 scale.

 Thanks to the excellent advice (Thank you Zombie Ad!) I now have a bus to add to my games :-D

 I am amazed at how many more vehicles can be purchased in the UK, and how much cheaper they are. Most sellers will ship internationally, but there are a few missing out on sales because they wont ship outside the UK.


shintokamikaze said...

nice find,i can only find cars for 50 euro on the net,but i do need a bus,their is an electric tram that i have my eye on in my local toy shop

Shelldrake said...

There are a few of these buses on ebay that are fairly cheap (by Australian standards) - 8.99 GBP

Do a search on ebay for 1:50 bus and there are lots to choose from - sort by "Price + postage lowest first" and you can come up with the goods.

wardy-la said...

Is that the 'Teamsterz' City Bus?

Funnily enough I just picked up one of these myself (again thanks to Zombie Ad!) and I am really chuffed with it.

Shelldrake said...

Yes it is a "Teamsterz" City Bus - and I made the mistake of pressing the button on the top... only once mind you. :-P

wardy-la said...

I did the same - I was drawn in by the words "try me" emblazoned on the box!
I struggle with vehicle size to be honest - some seem to go for 1:43, other 1:48 and then this is 1:50. I am never convinced that the scale is the same across different manufacturers. You can't beat a deal on ebay though so sometimes its worth the risk...
I can say that this bus (at 1:50) as a 'larger' rpad vehicle works absolutely fine with 28mm!
Nice work on the blog by the way Shelldrake :)

Zombie Ad said...

That is the exact same bus as the one I picked up, albeit a different colour. When you press the button, it sounds suspiciously like a flushing toilet!

Glad I could help, and you too wardy-la. :)