My Zombie Campaign - what I want to do with it and where it is headed

I just thought I would take the time to ramble on about my zombie campaign and what the game objectives are.

The primary objective is simple - to have the characters survive. Seems fairly simple, but the zombies want to throw a spanner into the works.

The next important goal is to find a safe location to hole up and use as a base of operations.

 Going hand in hand with objectives one and two are collecting supplies to ensure survival - the three f's: Food, Fuel and Firearms.

With this 'under control' my survivors will begin the next phase - finding other survivors, find out what happened, and establish a colony to ensure the continuation of survival.

As part of the last one, I will have rumors in the game about safe havens, why the zombie apocalypse occurred, and even a chance to find a cure.

 Each time a survivor is found I will make a roll on an 'occupation' table to see what skills, if any, these survivors will bring to the colony. Tradesmen and health practitioners will be in high demand, but so are workers to help protect the colony and act as laborers. 

 Of course tradies and doctors are not the only skills on offer but I need to come up with a good list of skills to see what I can do for my fledgling colony.  Military and Emergency services are also very useful.

On a game side of things, I will need to make up a lot of scenery, but once that has been done I should have to spend less time on buildings etc and a lot more time playing the game.

 It might be ambitious, but I want to make part of a housing estate for suburb settings (as well as shops to go with them) and a city block or two for bigger scenarios.

 To this end I will need to make a list of useful shop types and the useful things that can be scavenged from within them. This is intended to help the survivors build their colony.

 Things like tools, clothes, power sources, food, medical supplies and so on will all need to be considered, as will the chance of other looters having already taken useful items.

Obviously not all of these things will happen at once, but I will build up to it and see where it all goes.


The Angry Lurker said...

Good and ambitious, I love it, keep us posted.

Brummie said...

Sounds really good

Maybe do one or two shops, But then make inter-changeable interiors/Shop signs

So make a gun shop use racks of weapons etc

Supermarket loads of Shelves/Fridges.

lrqan said...

Don't you have scenery? You did a nice playground, garden etc. But ambitious. I tried to get everything together before playing. PLAY FIRST, it just fun. Keep up the good work.

Shelldrake said...

My playground met with a 'gravity event' and was broken. I am not even sure where the parts are :-(

I have a bit of scenery, but mostly for Wild West games or 20mm Pacific settings, so I need to make more for modern games.

I might play a few games on a map type of thing for indoor settings such as a shopping mall.

A large piece of paper with rooms and walkways drawn on. It will look tacky, but will let me play some games.

shintokamikaze said...

nice,i am writing a few scenarios at the moment,so i will know what i need for my first few games,but im chomping on the bit to get started