Kameko and Kamiko painted, plus some new vehicles

My Hasslefree Miniatures arrived this week, and I have been working on painting them up.

 The first to be finished are Kameko and Kamiko. I painted them in the uniform from "St Agnes", which is the school featured in a Japanese comedy drama called "My Boss My Hero".

 I painted the SMG carried by one of the twins in pink, and if I could have painted it, I would have put a "Hello Kitty" picture on the side of the gun.

 I went with the pink as Japanese seem to really like 'cutesy' things alot, and as the SMG is a modified ingram, I thought "why wouldn't a Japanese school girl want one in pink?"

which one is Kameko and which one is Kamiko?

I also had two 1:43 cars turn up in the mail today after I bought them on ebay. The first one I will use as my Government Agents vehicle for scenarios when the Agents are involved.

The second one is a police ute (pickup truck = ute in Australia) that will be useful for traffic, or to putting stores in the pack when I play supply run scenarios. Who knows, it might even have gas bottles in the back for the next game I play.


Brummie said...

Love the agents wheels.

I reckon Kamiko is the one with pink SMG which I love. Its only because there is an 'I' in pink and in her name.

My Logic is faultless lol

Shelldrake said...

Your logic is so good that I will run with it on the naming of the twins

Lord Siwoc said...

Looks pretty good. Now they need a zombie tentackle monster to fight.....

lrqan said...

Hey guy, when I first got into Zombie Wargaming yours was one of the first istes I came across. I was mos dischuffed when it ended, with the playgrond and schoo stuff in the air. It's great to see you back. I loved the golf idea and the training day you posted all those years ago. Keep it up buddy.

Shelldrake said...

Lord Siwoc - you are a bad man ;-)

Irqan - thanks for the comment. It never really ended, it is more that life threw me a giant curve ball at the time.

Vampifan said...

When I saw the pink SMG I thought it was a huge water pistol! Lovely figures, by the way.
Those two vehicles were a good choice. Both look very usable. Nice finds.

Drew said...

There is so much "Hello Kitty" merchandise I would not be surprised at all to find there are tiny decals for just such customization purposes :D

Zombie Ad said...

Awesome and great to see the vehicles working out for you too. Good finds!