Brmm Brmm

I was out paying for my travel insurance today and I took a look around the big franchise toy shop in the same area. They had mostly small matchbox sized cars or big remote control types, but they did have a couple of 1:43 scale trucks on special.

 I found this one hidden behind other stock - so maybe someone saw it and hid it until they could come back with some cash. Either way, I don't care, as this little beauty cost me $14.00 AUD.

 The great thing about it is the trailer is detachable, and the back doors open on the shipping container, which means I can have some nasty surprises in the back as part of the plot I am developing.

A photo of the truck with Jack standing next to it

The truck with the trailer detached and showing the doors at the back.

I have seen 1:43 scale trucks online for $80 plus dollars, so I snapped this up quickly. The other two trucks left at the store were a live stock carrier and a flat bed truck with two tractor things on the back. I considered getting this last one, but the tractor things looked like cheap nasty plastic toys.

 I am happy I found this truck - the sheer length of it will give a bit of zombie free movement.. if survivors can reach the top that is.


brutpaul said...

Nice find!
It really looks great!

Brummie said...

It looks brill nice find !

Vampifan said...

What a great find!

Lord Siwoc said...

Awesome! This is a great find mate!

shintokamikaze said...

great stuff,toy shops sometimes come up with the goods,the scale looks perfect,are you gonna put porkchop express pics on the side?

Shelldrake said...

If I had some transfers/decals for the pork chop express I might consider it but at this stage I am leaving it blank.

I have other uses in mind for it, so Jack doesn't get to own it. :-P

Drew said...

Excellent truck! I hope you can find another, Jack needs a Porkchop Express :)

Shelldrake said...

I am currently bidding for a truck without the trailer on ebay.

I am not sure I want another truck this size - it is huge!

It almost takes up 1/3 of the road for my next scenario, and it is a long drop off the back of the container for the characters.

But I certainly want some more heavy vehicles.

A fire engine with a ladder would be great too.

Zombie Ad said...

Wowser! Epic find sir, well done!