Billboards and signs

Another idea to help fill you zombie world with detail is the use of billboards.

 These come is a variety of shapes, sizes and designs - from posters on walls, signs on top of buildings, large raised road side advertising to the good old sign a police car can hide behind on a highway.

With this in mind I designed my first billboard today - I want this to be the police car hiding type, and I made one that makes Biotek look warm, fuzzy and caring:

 I will print it out and glue it on to card  and use bamboo skewers on the back as the posts to hold it up and add sand and grass around the bottom to give it that extra touch.

 As Biotek isn't the only corporation floating around in my world I intend to make some other billboards up, including some smaller roof top ones.

(I need to get to a printers for all of my signs and designs as I don't have a printer myself.. I had to use someone else's for my electronic signs and the cargo container I made)

Edit: rather than make two posts on similar things, I have added to this post:

Shop A frame signs

 Another thing to help colour up your zombie infected cities and towns is an a-frame board out the front of shops.

 They can be professionally designed ones like this:

Or chalk boards that you will mostly find out the front of pubs and restaurants:

They can also be found in different heights - from just below your knee to about shoulder height.

I tried my hand at a restaurant chalk board and came up with this:

I just print it out, fold it along the black line then glue it on to card, cut it out (including removing the black line out to the sides) and fold it again. Hey presto! one chalk board a frame sign.


shintokamikaze said...

great stuff, i love the biotech slogan lol

Lord Siwoc said...

These look good. And you are right, the small things like this is what makes the city come really to life!!

Zombie Ad said...

Love the A frame signs particularly, good job.