Campaign Game 2 - Rescuing Jack part 1

I played my second game today, and it was a good one - full of tension and suspense.

Set Up - as shown in the photo:

 I moved the scenery sideways and added more scenery in the spaces made vacant. This allowed me to add a "neighbour"  to game.

 Jack was on top of his crates and the others were at the entrance to the tunnel located in the log cabin.

 I gave those in the cabin some molotov cocktails made from the fuel found in the first game that a quick "MacGyver" was done on. I gave 4 each to Celina and John and 3 to Ned.

 The Zombie Threat Level was set at 4, and I decided that new zombies would only start appearing after four turns; mainly to give me time to kill some off to allow for the "zombie pool" to grow.

Turn 1

Ned leads the way into the tunnel and comes up in the shed, finding a first aid kit stashed in a trunk.

The "loads" follow Ned along the tunnel and into the shed

Entering the shed behind them, Celina quickly exits the shed and checks to see if the coast is clear

Ned comes out besid her offering some covering fire if needed.

Taking stock of the situation, Celina decides to wait for the others to come out of the tunnel before doing anything.

Jack starts firing into the mass of zombies killing two of them.

The zombies around jack move and fill the gaps of the fallen.

Turn 2

Ned moves across to the house – he is sure he left something good in there and wants to look for it.

Jack takes down two more zombies, following up with another burst that takes out two more before his smg runs out of ammo. (doh!!!! No more ammo for jack!)

Ned unlocks the door to his house and immediately goes for the gun rack where he collects two units of ammo (lucky dice rolls here).

John comes out of the tunnel and leaves the shed, taking up position to protect the "loads" when they exit the shed..

Seeing Jack is in trouble Celina moves forward to give a hand by throwing a cocktail at the zombies. Five of the zombies are set on fire – three collapse immediately while two others flame for a little while.

Amid the turmoil the loads exit the shed, feeling reassured by the presence of John.

 Celina throws another of the cocktails setting six more on fire, one of which turns to ash.

The zombies, seeing an easier target than jack shamble towards Celina, who is protected by the wall. Those zombies that were on fire turn to ash as they near her.

(this turn was the first time all cards were used in a turn)

To be continued...


Zerloon said...

Hi, what a bad day for Jack!

What rules you use?

Shelldrake said...

I am using "No More Room In Hell" by Iron Ivan Games, with a modified initiative system base on the one found in "The Rules With No Name".

As I am playing the game solo, this system allows for solo play very nicely.

shintokamikaze said...

great stuff,looks like jacks gonna make it

Dan said...

That is one big mess of zombies. Looking forward to following along.

Lord Siwoc said...

Jack is getting deeper into this world of trouble it seems!!!

Zombie Ad said...

Poor Jack, just when you thought is day couldn't get any worse!