Ned Seagun

I finished painting the last unpainted survivor from my first game today: Ned Seagun

NMRIH stats for Ned Seagun:

Name: Ned Seagun
Character: Back up
Occupation: 'Urban Entrepreneur' (He 'finds' stuff)
Survive: 2
Guns: 6
Fists: 7
Guts: 10

Survival Skills: Handyman, Super Scrounge

Gear: Pistol, Assault Rifle.

Notes: My intention with Ned is someone that can make a barricade or find useful items during the game. I forgot to use these skills in my first game. I really need to make character cards with all the stats and skills easy to look up.

 The figure from EM4 miniatures.


shintokamikaze said...

cool,he looks great,ill have to get some more human figs

Lord Siwoc said...

BOOM baby!! He looks great!

Zombie Ad said...

Nice one!