Campaign Game 2 - Rescuing Jack Part 2

Turn 3

The zombies move, and more take up the interest in Celina behind the wall and start to move towards the gate.

[Turn ends on the first card drawn, which means only the zombies were able to move]

Turn 4

John heads out of the farm towards the neighbours place, but hesitates once he clears the gate and wonders if he is doing the right thing.  [I drew an event card that caused him indecision, thus loosing a move]
The zombes move towards the gate and Jack stands on top of his tower and pretends he isn’t there.

Celina sees red and takes out 4 zombies with her .45 socom pistols.

Turn 5

 The shooting has started to attract more zombies, which appear behind the main hoard of zombies, which in turn moan forward and start to claw at the farm yard gate.

Celina throws her second last cocktail over the fence near the gate and six more zombies catch on fire and she drops three instantly.

Unable to crash through the barrier, the zombies on fire turn to ash.

Turn 6

3 more zombies appear drawn by the noise of the battle.

John heads towards the scrub hoping not to attract the zombies' attention in any way, and he makes it into some scenic cover.

The zombies shuffle forward, filling the gaps of their fallen.

Celina throws the last of her cocktails with devastating effect: 8 zombies catch on fire.

Ned makes him self busy grabbing essential items from his house grabs ammo for his assault rifle, not really caring about the battle out side, or the plight of his cousin Jack.

The loads take one look behind them and move after John.

Turn 7

The easing up of gun fire has summoned fewer zombies (1 this time) but they are all appearing near Jack, making him very uneasy, but as they shamble past, he sees a gap forming that he might be able to escape through

The zombies start to move the gate in its foundations, making it very shaky.

[Another short turn  due to the turn of the cards]

Turn 8

As John blunders about in the undergrowth, three zombies appear right next to him!

The loads make a dash for the neighbour’s house in an attempt to get to the car

Jack steadies his nerves [passed a gut check rolling a 2] and sprints towards the neighbour’s place, taking advantage of the gap in the zombies.

Ned stopps messing around in the house and comes out into the yard.

John fires a burst at the zombies near him, but shoots low, the bullets ripping into the chests of the flesh eaters.

Getting unnerved, John runs towards the neighbours house, but the zombies lunge at him slowing him down, but inflict no damage.

The zombie numbers at the farm build up on the gate and they push it over.

The three zombies near John converge around him with their teeth nashing. John holds his nerve and fights back, but misses out on killing one.

 The three dead heads converge on him and one bites John

Jack hurdles the fence and rushes to the car [note - I was thinking like an Aussie and had the steering on the wrong side when I parked the car!]

Celina wastes no time and runs and jumps over the wall to the rear of the farm and Ned quickly follows.

Celina catches up to the loads and puts herself between them and the zombies attacking John.

Jack gets in and attempts to hotwire the car, but is under a bit of pressure and fails.

To be continued....


shintokamikaze said...

great stuff

Zombie Ad said...

Very exciting, at least Jack's away from the bulk of the horde, for now! The new stuff looks great!