Campaign Game 2 - Rescuing Jack part 3

Turn 9

 Johns previous gun fire has attracted 3 more zombies to his “little party”

John,  fires his smg into the group, hitting two, but causing no damage. To make it worse for him, he needs to reload!

Celina heads towards the car where jack is.

John swings wildly with his smg club at the zombies but misses.

Jack gets the car to kick over, but it doesn’t start

Ned dashes after Celina, leaving the "loads" to catch up.

Jack still cant get the car started as Celina screams at him to get his act together.

The zombies "slush" (shamble rush) over the gate and after the fleeing survivors.

John somehow survives a deluge of blows and doesn’t get any further injuries

Celina makes into into the neighbours yard and takes up a firing position behind the wall

Turn 10

6 zombies appear over the far side of the action…[phew]

Celina goes on over watch to protect the loads incase the zombies get too close.

Ned catches up with Celina and takes up position behind the gate, while Jack fires the car into life [Finally!]

The loads get ever closer to the neighbours place, but are taking their time.

The zombies take down john and begin to feast on him, while those zombies at the farm house make short work of the small gate blocking their way.

Not wanting to slow their escape, Jack and Celina get into the car.

Turn 11

Two more zombies appear on the other side of the log cabin [they should be too far from the action to worry me]

Jack moves the car forward, knocking the gate down and waits for the others to get in, and Ned, not needing a second invitation, scrambles into the back seat

Not sure is they are seeing things, the survivors think they see a different type of zombie in the hoards around them that somehow act differently  [Event card that was drawn]

The zombies finish eating john and look for their next meal...

Turn 12

Three more zombies appear at the far side of the action, this time on the far side of the farm house.

Jack frantically honks the horn while Celina and ned yell for the loads to hurry up.

Unfortunately the shock of seeing the zombies eat john must have frozen them to the spot, for the hoard is upon them!

Turn 13

With more zombies appearing close to the crate tower, the hoard of zombies start tearing into the "loads".
Those in the car are stunned, unable to do anything as the watch the zombies attack the "loads".  [The turn ended before they were able to act]

Turn 14

The zombies finish eating as others move forward to join in the eating frenzy.

 [This was another short turn, which was very frustrating for me at this point... would the turn of the cards mean the difference between my survivors living or dying?]

Turn 15

The zombies, making a short meal of their latest victims, start to swarm towards the car.

Ned throws a cocktail out the window in the hopes of clearing some away – one dies and two flame up.

Turn 16

Bouyed by his success, Ned throws another cocktail, taking out two more,and setting another two on fire. This helps keep the pressure off a fraction.

Jack finally wake out of his stupor and speeds out of the front yard and out of immediate danger, leaving the moaning hoard gnashing their teeth at them in the rear view mirror.

 Game ends.

After Action Review:

 If I was to play this one again, I would have not moved John so close to a spawn point. I also forgot to use his Molotov Cocktails. Had I done so, I think he would have survived.

 Having said that, I am not too upset with his loss, as the figure is one of the "Government Agents" I have, and I will be needing them in future games. I just hope my Hasslefree order can turn up soon! I really need those figures to add to my character pool.

 The zombies were lucky with the draw of the cards for a few turns. If I hadn't decided to have a few characters run when they did I probably would have lost all of my characters.

 The Molotov Cocktails worked a treat - I limited the number of dice to roll for effect to 10d10, but only used that many once in the game. It is well worth having some of these on hand.

 Regretfully I only have one cocktail left for the next game, so I had better make good use of it.

 The next game will be "On the Road" - I made a nice road section just for this scenario, and I will show it in a post tomorrow. I would like a few more cars before I start this game: two more cars showed up in the mail today making a grand total of five cars and one bus.

  A few trucks would be very helpful, as they offer some height away from the zombies.


shintokamikaze said...

that was a lucky getaway, i cant wait for the next batrep

Zerloon said...

Well, the day is over, let rise a glass to the fallen comrade and go ahead :D

Good Battle Report!

Lord Siwoc said...

Love it so far mate. Interresting how they will do things without their molotovs. Never rely on just one weapon...

Zombie Ad said...

Super Batrep. Hanging out anywhere near spawn points in NMRIH is a bad idea, bad news for the Road Scenario, as you'll be heading right for one! Glad to hear the extra vehicles turned up!

Brummie said...

Very nice report. Love the style I've got 'No more room in hell' on order. Just need to decide what Zombies I wanna get.

Keep up the good work its an inspiration.

Looking forward to the next installment.


Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the comments Guys.

I enjoyed this game a lot.

@Lord Siwoc - never rely on one weapon, and never let the blighters get close!

@Zombie Ad - yeah, that was a dumb move on my behalf re the spawn point. Maybe part of my subconscious wanted John to get eaten so I could use him as a Government Agent.

@Brummie - the rules are good, but be aware that I am using a few house rules that alter the way the game is played; mainly the initiative deck system. So you may wonder why the game plays differently for you.