Unarmed non-combatants or "Loads"

NMRIH has three character types: Shot callers, Back-ups and Sheeple. In the Survive! Generator tables they also have what they call "The Load" - an unarmed civilian that can't defend themselves that you have to take with you.

 My Survivors picked up two in my first game.

 Seeing as I have these 'Loads' I decided I had better get some figures to represent them - after all I need someone to throw to the zombies save from the zombies.

I was poking around my boxes of minis that I had been planning to sell looking for the paper boy figure from Pulp miniatures.

 I didn't find the figure I was after, but I did find a few other useful figures - an Artizan Designs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang female figure, and a BTD Sara Jane Smith figure - both are perfect as Loads for my games.

 I also found a couple of other figures that will prove very useful as non armed bystanders - the type that get in the way and then eaten when you should be keeping them alive.

I have painted up two figures to represent the woman and the kid I 'rescued' from the cabin in my first game:

A 'the Loads' card was also included in my initiative deck. They only get one card, and as they can only sneak or walk, I might have a tough time keeping them alive.


Lord Siwoc said...

A challenge indeed!

Painting looks good and it is a nice touch to have these in the game.

Zombie Ad said...

Always great when you find something you can use in your pile of unpainted lead. I particularly like the lady miniature.