my first road

Over the weekend I started to make a road section for the next scenario "On the Road".

 I had looked at the excellent roads that Zombie Ad had made (you can see them here) but didn't have access to the boards to be able to make these.

So, I had a rethink, and after coming up with a few ideas, and changing my mind a few times, I decided to go with what I already knew, only with a few modifications.

I taped out my road using paper masking tape on a large board and then spread caulking over it. Whiles it was still wet I sprinkled fine sand over it.

 As it is winter here and rather wet and cold at the moment, I left the 'road' to dry over the weekend. This also gave me time to duck down to the local 'cheapie' shop and buy some cheap black paint to paint the road.

 With the caulking/sand dry I painted the road and because of the cold I left it to dry until Sunday afternoon and then painted the reverse side to stop it sticking. 

 First thing Monday morning I painted a bit more black on to the road over the bits I missed, and while that was drying, I cut myself a jig (a tool, not a dance) to would allow me to paint my road markings in the right spot and at the right length.

 A quick search to find out what colour to paint the road lines later and I decided to use yellow. The jig worked perfectly and I left the road to dry completely for the rest of the day.

Now that I have waffled on a  bit, here are two photos of the finished product:

 This last photo also shows the signs I made for the game. I want a few more cars before I play this game, and I will make some more signs and my billboard before I play the next game. 


shintokamikaze said...

great job mate,your cars look cool

Zombie Ad said...

Nice job sir! can't wait to see the full set-up in action.

Brummie said...

Nice road. What do you mean by jig I thought you meant like a template but i'm not sure what you mean.

I was considering using sections of roof felt cut to shape the repainted. But its only an idea in the pot that is my brain. lol


Shelldrake said...

Brummie - yep a template - I cut half two holes for the road markings (one hole was only a half marking length) so that I could paint one line, move the half hole over that line so it was in the correct place to paint the next line marking.

The template was measured so that it would be placed exactly in the middle of the road each time.

I can add a photo of it if you like.