Keiko - Kamiko and Kameko's younger sister

I was digging around my pile of lead and came across a figure I didn't even realise I had - an old Ral Partha Shadow Run miniature that must have been in my collection of lead for about 20 years!

It is a pretty cool miniature and as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be the little sister for the Japanese Twins.

 I intend the Twins to come into the game as it develops (and I get the miniatures from Hasslefree... still no ETA on that), and part of the plot for them is to find their little sister that was caught up at a different school during the outbreak.
 I am creating a "Events" deck to allow for things to happen during game play and to advance the story of the campaign (more on that later).

You can still buy the figure from the Shadow Run miniatures, and it can be found in the "Yakuza" pack.

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Zombie Ad said...

Cool, good find. Always check the lead mountain! :)