Happy Campers, Ice Cream and a retired Marine

I wasn't able to do to much over the weekend due to other commitments, but I was able to finish off a few things today, as well as another vehicle arriving in the mail.

First up I have finished painting some more "Loads" (I might rename the "Loads" to "Zombie Bait").

 I saw these Reaper Miniatures on their web site and had to have them for the game:

 Next up I have an Ice Cream van - commonly called "Mr Whippy" here in Australia, and they always seem to play "Greensleeves" as they drive around. Personally I think they are like clowns - creepy.
 When I saw the van on ebay I knew I had to have it:

 And last up is my new survivor character: USMC Gunnery Sergeant (Retired) Thomas Freeway:

 This figure is from Eureka Miniatures and meant to be a WW2 Pulp figure, but I decided to paint him up in a Hawaiian shirt (well, I attempted to). 

What Thomas Freeway was hiding in his house when the zombie apocalypse came along should prove useful - a .45 Thompson SMG and some grenades: "Oorah!"

 I have yet to base him up, but I will do so soon.


wardy-la said...

Good stuff Shelldrake.
Love the boy scouts!

Lord Siwoc said...

I thnk the hawai shirt came out quite good. Very cool idea!!!

Brummie said...

Loving the shirt and the model. The bait...cough sorry boy scouts look good to.

I had thought about doing an retired soldier type when I saw the WW2 re-enactor that RAFM do just haven't spotted the right figure yet.

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the comments guys - the encouragement helps to keep me focused on the project.

I borrowed the idea of the retired Gunny from the "We're Alive" podcast serial, and came across the figure just the other day in my pile of lead, so the two worked out well.

Vampifan said...

I like them all. I hadn't seen those figures before but both sets have potential. As for the ice cream van I can remember Mr. Whippy's ice cream from when I was a lad (many, many years ago!).

Zerloon said...

Really like the old marines, hawaian shirt really does the trick!

Brummie said...

I watched Gran Torino this evening. A good film I really recommend it.

Gonna have to find me a fig with an M1 rifle now.

Shelldrake said...

Gran Torino spoiler alert!!!

**** Don't read the rest of this comment if you haven't seen it*******

Good film Brummie - I just want to have my Gunny living at the end though ;-)

The Angry Lurker said...

Damn good work, damn good Hawaiian shirt.

Zombie Ad said...

Awesome find with the MR Whippy! Love the scouts too. Re: the shirt, my eyes hurt! ;)

Shelldrake said...

The Mr Whippy van is up on ebay again, so it looks like they are easy to find if anyone else is looking for one.

Thanks to the van i can almost make a high walkway off the road for my next scenario (I hope to play it this weekend)that covers at least half of the road.