Campaign Game 3 - On the Road: part 2 Batrep

The survivors move forward, wary of the fact there are not many zombies around.

[I rolled using the zombie threat level for the game and only 3 zombies were placed at the start of the game]

The survivors move cautiously forward

The zombies, some how sensing live flesh is nearby move forward for a feed.

 As Jack and Celina chew up some ground and make it up on to the top of the bus. Ned hesitates as four more zombies appear.

Jack and Celina breath a bit easier.

Even zombies like ice cream!

Three more zombies appear - somehow they know there is flesh to be eaten.

Jack, knowing what it is like to be cornered wastes not time and makes his way up the truck and across the top of the trailer.

 While Ned climbs onto the top of a car, Celina joins Jack on the truck.

The higher they are, the safer they feel

Jack moves to the end of the trailer, but Celina stays put – that way she will be in range of Ned should he need some ballistic assistance.

 [Random even allows Celina to buy a new skill at ½ cost after the game… provided she lives.]

Why is the back of the truck open? What was in there?

Jack jumps onto the icecream truck, while Ned makes it on to the front of the truck just as zombies appear behind him and to the his flanks. 

Hurry up Ned!

While waiting for ned to catch up both Jack and Celina wait for him to catch up as the zombies start to form hoards around the truck.

Will Ned make the jump across to the trailer?

[My rolls for zombie spawning is not so great – most of them are turning up at the end of the truck… right where the Survivors need to exit the table.]

Ned tries to jump from the cab to the trailer but falls between the two. There is no way he will be able to climb up on to the back of the truck safely, so he will have to bolt on foot and try to get out if he can.

Celina dashes across and successfully jumps onto the ice cream truck.

Not wasting time, Ned sprints along the side of the truck hoping to make it to the exit point.

Jack fires into the mass below him, taking out a zombie.

Nope, he wont make it

This is our ice cream - get your own!

 The zombie dying to zombie appearing ratio picks up a bit as Jack and Celina drop eight between them, and Ned takes down one.

Ned gets to the end of the truck and halts… there is a zombie to the rear of the ice cream truck - can he get past it?

Run Ned, Run!

Jack thinks he sees a zombie that used to be someone he knew. He takes a guts check and passes, deciding it wasn't any one important if he did know them. 

[Random event had a survivor make a gut check thinking they saw a zombie they used to know before the apocalypse]

 The zombie lurking behind the ice cream truck rushes at Ned and a furious combat begins. Ned lands a couple ineffective hits before the shock and pain of numerous bites drops him to the ground and he comes zombie food.

Look out!

[After a lot of shooting last turn I have a record dice grave of 24 dice. My luck changes a bit as only 6 zombies are spawned from this lot]

Jack and Celina continue to fire away at the zombies blocking their escape route.

The red counters indicate how many turns Ned will be chomped on

[Seven zombies are spawned this turn but most appear on the far end of the table]

Jack and Celina kill two zombies each, clearing a way to safety. Jack jumps down ready to make good his escape.

Jack doesn't bother to get himself an ice cream

 Just when he thought the nightmare would end, a zombie appears right in the path Jack has to take to get away. 

 Fortunately Jack gets to move before the zombies do and puts two rounds into the new zombie's head.

With escape so close Jack runs for his life, with Celina moving to join him on the road.

As she gets off the roof, Celina notices a bag next to the car with some molotov cocktails sticking out of the top

[This was a random even, and a most welcome one indeed!]
So close... can Celina make it to safety?

Picking up the bag Celina catches up to Jack and both make it to safety.... for now.

The zombies at the end of the game

Once in a safe area Celina opens the bag and find a pamphlet that must have been placed there by the original owner when they were fleeing. It says that there is a pick up point in the city where survivors can be rescued and be taken to a safe haven. It also suggests that the CDC has a vaccine for the zombie virus, and that all major cities have an immunization point that people can head to.

[These two were rumor events that happened during the game and I used the molotov bag to tie it into the story]

So ends game three in my campaign.

Ned was eaten - so now I am down to two survivors. Again I am not that upset at loosing Ned, as he was only intended as a fill in survivor for my first game.

 Now that I have my Hasslefree Miniatures I can add new survivors to the game, but I would not be so casual about it should they be eaten.

 The choke points I made using the cars was useful... it stopped the zombies moving freely in a direct path, thus slowing them down a bit.

 If it wasn't for this, I am sure Celina and maybe even Jack would not have survived the game.

The events worked well and I will add extra events into the deck so new survivors can appear.

In my next games I will use the initiative deck they way it is used in 'The Rules With No Name' and allow a character to hold back their action until they want to use it or when the turn ends.

Had I done this, I think Celina and Jack would have been able to protect Ned from the zombies near the escape point.  

 My next game will be a "supply run" scenario, simply because the survivors need to eat, and they have eaten the supplies they were carrying.

I have a new road that I am making for future games and I will have to make a few buildings too. Between this and work it may be a few weeks before I get to play my next game, but I have something in mind to fill in the gaps between games that I will post.


Dan said...

Great game! I look forward to where you take the campaign from here.

Vampifan said...

Nicely written batrep. I wasn't too bothered about Ned ending up as zombie chow, either. I'm looking forward to seeing how your campaign develops. Much as I love ATZ I like to see what other games systems have to offer.

Brummie said...

Very good looking forward to more.

Good report and i love this road setup you have

shintokamikaze said...

great stuff,i love your new ice cream van,i got some new cars and stuff here in bulgaria,but i will have to wain till i get home to post some pics

Lord Siwoc said...

Good pics to follow the story!

"Every zombie likes ice cream!"

Fantastic hehe...

Gnotta' said...

Really nice batrep, keep up the good work!! :)

Zombie Ad said...

Great Batrep and I love the random event. They really add to the flavour and bring in some great storytelling aspects too.