Event Cards & Event Deck

As part of the game I am  creating an "Event Deck" to enhance game play

The back of the event card - I like the syringe, as it 'injects' something to the game

In the initiative deck I have two cards: one allows for an event if drawn before the turn ends, and the other kills off the chance for an event if drawn before the other card.

 This can make the occurrence of an event possible, but not so frequent that it controls the game.

Why events?

 An event can change the way the game is played and adds the "Murphy" factor.  Some events are good - like finding some ammo or food. Maybe a friendly survivor comes to the character's help for the remainder of the game.

 Other events can hinder the characters and really throw a spanner into the works.

 Another kind of event is a 'plot' event - something that drives the story behind the campaign.

 I prefer an event deck to a chart, as you can re-arrange the deck with a minimum of effort and cater it to what figures or scenery (if needed for the event) rather than roll on a chart and find you don't have a figure needed, or that the result rolled on the chart totally blows.

 You can also include more than one card of a particular event to increase the likely hood of an event happening, or not happening as the case may be.

I make the cards like I do the initiative deck cards - print a front and reverse side and them laminate them to protect them from excessive handling.

So far I have 80 event cards, with more to be added as I go along. I don't use all the cards at once. Instead I select a certain variety of cards to suit the scenario.

The type of cards I have are:

Bonuses - anything that helps the survivors with dice rolls
Penalties  - anything the doesn't help the survivors with dice rolls
Items - an item that can be used during the game or essential supplies
Rumors - used to drive the plot: who caused the apocalypse, news of safe havens
Encounters - good or bad guys that turn up during a game: Government Agents, Corporate Soldiers, other Survivors, Bikers, SEAL Teams, Delta Force, Military - both local or foreign.
Story - a card that develops the story and drives the campaign a certain way.


Brummie said...

They look great and I think I might be borrowing that idea.

Is this part of the 'No More Room in Hell' rules or something you've added yourself?

The cards you use during gameplay are they sort of like Akulas AR:SE rules?


Shelldrake said...

This is something I added myself.

I have read the AR:SE rules but not played them - but after reading his description on LAF about the "fluff" for the game, you could consider them like that.

They can really turn the game (any game) into a lot of unpredictable fun.

shintokamikaze said...

another great idea,and the cards look slick,they make me want to order no more room in hell

Shelldrake said...

Shinto - you can make cards for any rule set you have, so they would work for any rules you currently have.

I use the same type of thing for my Wild West game using the "Rules With No Name".

The great thing about this system is that any skirmish game set in any period can use the cards.

shintokamikaze said...

i know, but ATZ has its own cards,when im off my hols ill get the cards and all 3 books,and ill start think about adding my own cards to the mix,it seems like a lot of fun making the cards up

Zombie Ad said...

Awesome idea. Works so well with the Rules With No Name, can see exactly why you've used it, good job.

Shelldrake said...

These cards are a lot of fun to make, and can be a lot of fun to use - especially when your opponent groans and shake their head when they draw a card.

In a Old West game we drew a rattlesnake as a random event and used scatter dice to move it... the blighter chased the characters around the table!

Brummie said...

Ahh ok so these are just sort of random event cards.

Shelldrake said...

Yep, but being cards you can add events you want to happen in as well ;-)