Toxic sludge pipe

I wanted to create a bit more scenery for my next game, and I wanted something that could add to the story line, and be used more than once.

 For a while I have been wanting to make a large storm drain pipe and yesterday I finally started it.

 Using a piece of balsa as a base, a cardboard tube cut down, a few pieces of card to go around the entry/exit point of the pipe, what started out as paper mache but turned into paper tape very quickly I had the makings of my pipe.

 This morning I painted the model, and after lunch I flocked it.

 The final result is this:

I designed it to go next to a river or pond kind of thing so as to make it as versatile as possible.

And here is a different angle to show off the sludge a bit better:

It is amazing how the camera shows off the bits you missed and cant see with the naked eye :-P


Lord Siwoc said...

You need a zombie crawling out of the pipe heheh. Good work mate!

shintokamikaze said...

nice job,i made something like this for 40k a few years back,i used hot glue for the fluid,you should try it.How did you do the river? it looks great

Shelldrake said...

The river was made up putting masking tape on a plank of wood, spreading caulking over it and painting it once it was dried. I also painted the reverse side so it wouldn't be sticky.

It works well, is cheap and fast to make and you can roll it up to store it.

Just take care pulling the tape off the wood as it can tear.

shintokamikaze said...

nice,thanks ill try it

Dan said...

cool terrain piece

Zombie Ad said...

Nice. Makes me think of Return of The Living Dead Part II!!

Shelldrake said...

I am making a new river section to go with the pipe... the Mrs told me I needed the toxic waste to be mixing in with the water in the river, so I am making a new river section that has toxic goop in it too.

If I don't have it ready tomorrow I will have it by the end of the weekend.