Zombie Proof Fence?

This is a photo of something i made today - a section of cyclone fencing (at least that is what it is called in Australia) with barbed wire on top.
I made the model out of flywire cut so the holes would be in a diamond shaped not squares when glued in place.
The whole thing is 20cm long and the poles are 6cm tall with the top 1cm bent inwards where the barded wire is glued on.

The base is balsa wood - i was going to use MDF board, but i don't have anything to cut it properly with, and balsa is a lot cheaper to mess up than the MDF.


McToad said...

Good looking fence, though I could argue it's only going to be proof against a few score zombies.

I found this site doing a search on "Zombie Proof Fence" which is the working title of a novel I am writing.

Starting a blog of the same name, mostly on writing, but there will be occasional tidbits on zombies if anyone is interested.

Shelldrake said...

many thanks for the comments, and please let me know the link to your blog, as it will be great to keep up to date with how your novel is going.