Figure Review: Eureka Miniatures 28mm Zombies

The Eureka Miniature Zombies are really rotten - and i mean that in a nice zombie kind of way. These figures look like they have pushed their way out of a coffin deep under ground after being dead for a good few months. This is great for the horrible zombie look. You can almost smell the putrid bodies looking at them.
I ordered four out of the possible ten variants and i am very happy with the ones i received. Like all of Eureka's figures there is very little to do in the way of cleaning the figures up in preparation to paint.
I intend to use the Eureka Miniature Zombies as "First Generation Zombies" as mentioned in the Campaign Background post of my blog.

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Shawn said...

These are nice figures. I have some in my zombie horde.

I also would like to direct you to my website as I am creating a line of 28mm figures that will be produced right here in the U.S. of A!

You can find the first prototype picture and information at: