Game Mechanics - Part 1

Game Basics
Most of the games will be played with all the players being on the same side - the Reaper Teams. Some games will be set with survivors or other human combatants. These games will either be played with both sides being controlled by a player, or with the opposing side controlled by a set of control guide lines - i.e. solo play orders.

All the zombies will be controlled by a set of basic guidelines that determines their actions/orders per turn depending on the situation occurring at the time. This system is based on those found in "Pony Wars" and "March or Die".
A random amount of zombies will arrive on the table at various times unless preset by the scenerio being played. The zombies will also arrive on randomly determined entry points through out the game, again depending on the scenario.
The zombies will be slow moving and always be moved after the living, but they are harder to kill and will be very dangerous in melee combat should they get within arms length of their prey.

Rumours and Events
After each game i roll 1d6. If the result is a 6, one more piece of intellingence, information or clues to rumours is gained by the players.


David Gray said...

Had you considered using the All Things Zombie rules?

Shelldrake said...

Yep, but my budget at this moment is tight so what i spend is going into figures and modelling.
Once i have more $ to play with i will give ATZ a look over.