Game Mechanics - Zombies

Rules for Zombies:

  • All zombies have a movement rating of 4 inches per turn.
  • Only a roll of 6 on 1d6 when a zombie takes a wound will kill the zombie. This indicates a blow to the head that causes its death. This can be modified with the use of character skills which will appear later.
  • Any hits to a zombie that do not kill it have no effect - the thing keeps coming.
Zombie Stats:
Move 4
Ranged Combat 0
Melee Combat 3 (although this value may vary)
Cool 0
Fear 0

Whilst zombies have a cool of 0, they do not need to make cool tests. No brain no pain so to speak.

Zombies do not cause fear, so opponents do not need to make a cool check when seeing them, but opponents will need to make a cool check when zombies get within 6 inches of them. The cool test target number is equal to the number of zombies within the 6 inches of victim.

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